Privates and Semi-Privates

Forrest Yoga classes with Brisa are playful, energetic, and powerful. They provide a fantastic balance between focus and healing through mindful breathing and movement. You can expect to gain strength and flexibility along with body alignment and awareness. With classic Forrest Yoga poses and core exercises, you'll feel challenged, recharged, and refreshed. Students of all levels are encouraged to attend!

Me and Baby Yoga & Early Postnatal Yoga

Yoga is beneficial to children of all ages. Yoga strengthens the mind-body connection, enhances physical flexibility, boosts self-esteem and confidence, it helps develop focus and concentration and refines balance and coordination. And it can also be a lot of fun!

What better gift to give your developing baby than a healthy mother's body during growth? Prenatal yoga helps Moms-to-be prepare for the emotional and physical changes of pregnancy and childbirth. By practicing loving compassion for yourself and your baby, you will learn to honor your beautiful new body. Prenatal yoga releases stress, eases anxiety, and helps build flexibility and strength to bring a newborn into this world! Classes are available for all skill levels with modifications made to suit student needs.

Kids Yoga

For new Mamas, a whole different set of physical conditions often accompanies the bliss of loving your little creation. Learning how to honor your new body and take care of it is the focus of early postnatal yoga. It is also fun, since you can bring your newborn baby to spend more time with you. Moms share experiences with each other and get to know other Mommies in the community. 


Prenatal Yoga

Whether you are a novice or experienced practiciomer, Forrest Yoga and Bikram Yoga workshops will give you a deeper understanding of the asana practice, and can also be FUN!

Looking to share your love for yoga with the people in your life? A wedding event, a bacherolette party, or just a special gathering at the park with your friends can be the perfect place for that!

1-hour class: $150 

Private and semi-private yoga classes will be fully customized in order to meet each student’s fitness goals and health needs. The style of the class can include Hatha, Forrest, Bikram Hot Yoga, and even prenatal or postnatal yoga. Classes can be room temperature or hot depending on the student's preference. Classes are designed to emphasize strength, muscle tone, weight loss, cardiovascular health, or assist in recovery of injury or surgery. Individual attention will ensure that each student receives maximum benefit from each class, and that poses are performed in the most effective and safe manner possible. Private classes also provide an excellent motivational tool for working toward personal fitness goals.

1-hour class: $80 

1.5-hour class : $100 (special offer)

5 classes pass: 10% discount

Group Classes

Special Event Group Classes